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Information about the Creator of this Test

Patricia Emberg
Professor of Medicine and Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry at Duke and the 2012 Nobel laureate in Chemistry.
There are tons of diet plans, diet supplements, fitness programs, coaches, nutritionists, and so on... 

Remember, there is no 1 unique method for everybody!

The best way to find your method is to come to me or to certified professional diabetologist to create a personnel plan. But after 10+ years of practice, I have developed my own quick test to analyze main habits and create step-by-step plan to gain personnel goals of my clients. 

The previous year I struggled of Covid-19, and I realized that some people struggle the same with being overweight, so I decided to share my personnel quick test publicly, to help people to become the better versions of themselves! 

This test will show you a few options for your choice based on your answers! 
So be attentive while choosing options as it affects the efficiency of your way to lose the weight!
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